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iranian, american, and jewish.

three identities. one potent combination for leadership.


A Los Angeles based non-partisan, non-profit


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Applications for Cohort 7 of The Maher Fellowship are now OPEN!


new board of directors

We are proud to introduce our new Board of Directors this year! These individuals are accomplished young professionals, whose talent and enthusiasm will benefit 30 Years After and the entire community. Click below to learn more about our new board members.


our website launched

Finally! A project that has been years in the making has –after much ado– launched! The Legacy Project, a digital archive of the stories and memories of Jewish Iran is live. Explore your heritage and engage with the oral traditions of the Iran's Jews. Spread the word about! And MOST IMPORTANTLY, sign your family members up to be interviewed. 

our mission


to promote the participation and leadership of iranian-american jews in american political, civic and jewish life.







HAMSAYEH (neighbor, literal: Same shade) – Recognizing that our future is tied to that of the diverse society in which we live.

KHOSH ZABOON (positive tongue) – Affirming our commitment to the Persian embodiment of respect, diplomacy, and hospitality

TAROF (No literal translation applicable) – Always showing gratitude and humility first, and never taking more than we need

FARHANG (culture, knowledge, civility) – Empowered by the lessons, beauty and richness of Persian culture, literature, and poetry



A MORE PERFECT UNION – promoting civic responsibilities to build a more perfect society 

HUDDLED MASSES – Remembering that America is fundamentally a nation of immigrants and refugees “yearning to breathe free”

SELF DETERMINATION – Embracing new-world individualism for the betterment of the communal fabric

INALIENABLE RIGHTS – Commitment to justice, equality, diversity, and the pursuit of happiness



L'DOR VA DOR (from generation to generation) –  Preserving our history to inform and empower our future

KOL ISRAEL ARAVIM ZE BA'ZE (all Israel is responsible for one another) – Taking responsibility for the security and growth of every Jew

AHAVAT ISRAEL (love of Israel) – Translating love for the Jewish homeland to non-partisan activism in support of the U.S.-Israel relationship

NA'ASEH VA NISHMA (we will do, then we will hear) – Taking the risks needed to drive Jewish social innovation to secure the Jewish future


the maher fellowship

Harnessing the energy and passion of Los Angeles' brightest Iranian-American Jewish leaders. 

Photo Credit:  Jasmine Foroutan

Photo Credit: Jasmine Foroutan

The Maher Fellowship is a 9-month leadership-in-training fellowship developed by and for our community, for young-professional Iranian-American Jews between 21-35 years of age. Fellows who are chosen will progress through a comprehensive and intensive leadership training program that will introduce them to the needs of not only their own community, but the greater community they live in, and equip them with the tools they need to make a difference. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with various leaders and activists from the greater Los Angeles community. Graduates of our program go on to not only be informed and effective leaders but also role models for their peers. This venture expands on the mission of 30 Years After by educating future leaders for the Iranian-Jewish community and giving them the tools and resources they need to be agents of change.

The Legacy Project

Preserving the history of the Iranian-American Jewish experience through accessible and engaging content that serves to educate and bridge generations. 

Through the Legacy Project, we are recording the collective experience of Iran’s Jews from their day to day existence in a predominantly Muslim country, including their experience of the revolution and starting over in a new country, as well as the memories of the culture and the community in which they grew up.  If you are an Iranian Jew, we want to hear your experience.  With this project, time is of the essence.  As the years pass us, we do not want to miss the opportunity to capture this community’s first hand experiences


Our depth of experiences and first-hand knowledge of cross-cultural communication, first generation communities, and the Judeo-Persian experience have made 30 Years After’s staff and board a sought-out resource within the North American Jewish community, and other business, political and civic groups seeking knowledge on how to understand, and bridge cultural divides. 30 Years After provides individuals, businesses, non-profits and others with the opportunity to best learn how to engage, embrace, and learn about the culture, history and institutions of Iranian-Jews, and our growing community in the US.

Pricing determined per project, Non-profit rates available. 

Contact us ( today to learn more!



Have questions about the nuances, cultural perspectives, and norms of our community? We’re here to help you navigate that. Offered hourly and by project.


Want to learn more about Jewish-Iran past and present, and our community’s transition to Los Angeles? Our team offers an easily absorbable multi-media presentation, based on our unique Legacy Project. Various formats and lengths available.

Ideal for Conferences, saloons and parlor events, non-profit education, college or high school courses, corporate/professional events.


Is your team or clientele engaging with the Iranian-Jewish community, and you’re interested in some further cultural awareness and inclusion training? We can help you gain the knowledge, background and tools for an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Ideal for business, non-profits, schools, and synagogues.



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