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4 ways to get politically involved now.

It's the best way to make a difference. Use your voice. Here's how:


your vote is your voice

We know you've heard this a zillion times; we don't want to sound like a broken record, but voting is the best way to make sure your voice is heard. Most people only vote in national elections, but local elections is where you're more likely to be heard, where your vote can make a bigger difference. Make sure you're registered to vote!

contact your representatives

It might feel a bit old-school to write a letter to your representative, but they'll read your correspondence! Remember that they work for you, and they're here to represent your wishes for public governance. Be in direct contact with your elected, and keep them updated on the issues that matter to you most! From foreign policy, to healthcare, to homelessness, your elected officials are expecting to hear from you. Remember that they can't help you, if they don't know what you want them to do; so tell them! Find out who your elected official are here:



join a cause

You'll have more impact in larger numbers, so join a cause you are passionate about. (Just by being on our website, you're half-way there! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.)  You can also reach out to us directly about ideas, questions and more!

break through the clutter

An educated citizenry is the bedrock of democracy. But what does it mean to educate yourself? Pay attention to your sources, and their credibility. Listening to commentary is not educating yourself; it's allowing others to "educate you." If you are listening to Andersen Cooper, talk about a senate bill, you are removing yourself one step from that senate bill; you are listening to a secondary source. If you are listening to Sean Hannity's analysis of Anderson Cooper's analysis of the senate bill, you are removing yourself three steps from the senate bill in question; you are listening to a tertiary source. The further you remove yourself from the issue at hand, the less likely you are to be properly educated on the topic. Watch C-SPAN more than 24/7 News Outlets; read historical and extensively researched journalistic accounts of a particular issue more than short internet articles. Don't really on other people to tell you what a piece of legislation is about; read the text and audio transcripts of all bills since 1993 here: