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4 ways to make a difference, now.

Civic involvement is the best way to make a difference. Use your voice. Here's how:


Participate Locally

Most people only vote in national elections, but local elections is where you're more likely to be heard, where your vote can make a bigger difference. To see what's happening in your locality, check the agendas of any city council meeting through your email - it's that easy.

Read Diverse Sources

An educated citizenry is the bedrock of democracy. But what does it mean to educate yourself? Scrutinize your sources, their biases, and their credibility. The best way to avoid becoming inculcated with the biases of your news sources, is to diversify where you get your news. If you lean to the left, read the Drudge Report, or listen to Ben Shapiro. If you lean to the right, read The New Yorker, or listen to Pod Save America. However, listening to commentary is not educating yourself; it's allowing others to educate you. Be sure to watch C-SPAN more than 24/7 News Outlets, and read actual bills over opinion pieces of that legislation.


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Join a Cause

You'll have more impact in larger numbers, so join a cause you are passionate about. (Just by being on our website, you're halfway there! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.) If you don't know where to start, you can also reach out to us directly!

Contact Your Representatives

Remember that they work for you, and they're here to represent your wishes for public governance. Be in direct contact with your elected officials, and keep them updated on the issues that matter to you most!